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Course code CTB3000 / AESB3400

The bachelor program finishes with conducting a bachelor thesis. Students will select a topic related to one of the MSc tracks of the faculty Civil Engineering and Geosciences. The knowledge that the student gained during the 3-year bachelor program will be used to do the research and report the findings according to the standards for scientific writing. At the end of the period, the process and conclusions will be presented towards the supervisors by means of an oral presentation. The student should:

The bachelor thesis will be assessed individually and should be conducted in one quarter (period of 10 weeks). The thesis can be done in quarters 1 to 4, in exceptional cases in quarter 5 (during the summer break).

The availability of topics is depending on the Master programs. For more information regarding the bachelor thesis, please check the Blackboard courses CTB3000 / AESB3400 where you can find the manual (for both student and supervisor) and the schedule with the corresponding deadlines. For each topic as presented on the website, there is a contact person who will be in general (one of) the supervisor(s). Questions related to the content of the topic should be addressed to this person.

Learning objective

The bachelor thesis is an (individual) project with weekly consultation of the related MSc department that results in a written scientific report and oral presentation. To finalize the bachelor thesis, one of the items the student should hand-in, is a one-page PowerPoint slide, according to the standards as mentioned on Blackboard, that will be used during the Bachelor graduation ceremony. The other documents that should be handed in are mentioned in the manual.